15 Japanese arrested in Thailand for running a scam call center

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  1. The police in Thailand have arrested 15 Japanese for running a scam call center that targeted victims in Japan.

    The arrests were made in a house in the beach resort town of Pattaya and according to the Thai police this is the first known case of a scam ring targeting investors in Japan to be revealed in Thailand.

    The investigation started after rumors began circulating Pattaya of a Japanese gang running a scam operation in town.
  2. 1129 cases have been reported
  3. as of today, 1408 cases of phone scams were reported in japan just this week
  4. Imagine how many scams go unreported.
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    Why is this Wall St News?
  6. today the cases have risen to 1478! cheating the dump old japanese people seems rather profitable
  7. Greed is universal and all-encompassing. :D
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    Thank you for sharing this info on forum. It is good for traders and investors to be informed about scammers and their techniques. I would not be surprised if this method emerge in some other country, so stay informed in advance
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    Several similar stories involving chinese, it hs been going on for years, groups of Chinese targetting mainlanders were arrested in Asia and Africa.

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