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    is this record breaking, I dont know, however all I can say is that most likely monday morning the DOW will pass 13k and most likely have a pullback, the strength seems to strong to even think a pullback is due. When you least expect the pullback is when it will occur, that time is soon.

    DOW has gone from 12300 to 12962 in only 16 trading sessions, this is a 662 point gain in only 16 session or an avg of 41.37 gain per session.
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    You know the old adage - Sell in May, and go away. Next week should be strong.
  3. is there risk yet?
  4. EPrado


    In all seriousness do you actually trade?

    or are you some internet troll with nothing better to do then say the same thing over and over. Got old a long time ago.
  5. Right after Feb 27 I announced it was time to buy, and it certainly was

    And there is plenty more upside to come
  6. dont be so upset... just get long.

    why keep losing money being short?

    best of luck to you.. make lots $$$
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    is there anything on these boards besides 'i told you so' pissing matches?

    original post had a point, this has been a record breaking vertical run
  8. Prado, I think that it has become fairly obvious that there are a number of ET members that DO NOT TRADE, and instead are "paid" to spend all day long making one post and "prediction" after another.

    I can understand someone "checking" in to ET every day and making one or two posts, but there are some people on this site that average something like 12 - 16 posts today.

    These are the people that I think you are speaking of.
    And YES, I would wholeheartedly agree with you that they most likely don't even trade.

    For all we know, Baron has "hired" them to keep a high activity and "interest" level on ET.
  9. LOL!

  10. even I would have a hard time matching that kind of posting volume! :p
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