15 for 15

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  1. no, not some stock tout backdating his plays.


    Check out how she swallows them up after diving for a small hole

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  2. Stock777

    Did you EVER EVER stop for a minute and EVER think you might not know everything about horse betting. There is a way to win at horse racing where you have the winner of every race. You bet on all the horses to win. Now how would you make money doing this? If you don't know then you don't no everything and I really wish you would stop bashing me and my horse racing until you know the answer to that question.

    Instead of making war you might learn something you didn't know. Besides I thought you were through bashing me, obviously you have no self control at all. Or no willingness to learn anything of course you can't you already know everything. I am going racing in one hour wish me luck not that I need it.
  3. hmmm, seems there is a post here from one of the morons I have on ignore.

    I wonder if they appreciate the honor.