15 equity charts & 1 Emini chart: that's all I need

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by deadreader, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. I have a datafeed from IB; all I need is 15 Equity charts and a chart of the Nasdaq Eminis.

    Right now I'm using eSignal ($104/month) which works like a charm, but there's got to be something cheaper.

    I've tried Medved, but the charts (as far as I can tell) don't dynamically move from left to right, so that's a no go. Nextrend is out because they only allow 10 windows per screen (& Nextrend Pro is more $ than eSignal);

    Where can I simply get 15 Stock Charts and 1 Chart of Nasdaq Eminis using my feed from IB?
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    "I've tried Medved, but the charts (as far as I can tell) don't dynamically move from left to right, so that's a no go."

    - Are you sure about that, deadreader? When did you try QuoteTracker? Those charts move on my screen quite smartly!
  3. So far I've reviewed NeoTicker, Sierra Charts, Simian Savants, and Medved.

    All I need is a very fast (no delay whatsoever (ex-QCharts users know what I mean)) candlestick charting program that can use IB's datafeed......

    Trying every single one of these programs would take months. Is anyone currently using IB's datafeed for simple charting?
  4. Please show me how, I've been fooling with it for a couple hours, to no avail.....How can I zoom in on the last 30 or so candlesticks, and then zoom back out to see the whole day?
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    Go to QuoteTracker HELP and click on:"Show Multi-day live intraday charts with technical indicators etc..." / that takes you to: "Intraday Charts" / click on "Time Based Charts" / and scroll down to: "Chart Period and Frequency/Ticks per Bar". That will tell you how to configure the charts to show you what you want to see.
  6. Can't you just use esignal's equities basic plan ($69/mo - or $49/mo if you pay for a year in advance)?

    That's supposed to have equities and eminis (limit 50 at a time).
  7. If eSignal is working for you and making you money, why worry about the $104. It's really not that high of a price. Keep in mind, that as a day-trader/scalper, the charting program is one of the very KEY tools that you need. If eSignal is working for your trading (a business), then why switch to a lesser program simply to save a few bucks? Penny-wise, pound foolish?

    Just my $.02

  8. The charts don't move from right to left (You are forced to see the entire UNFILLED chart from the open to the close) That means there's a lot of dead unused space on my screen; I discussed this with eSignal, but if someone knows better, please, let me know.

    My experience with eSignal has been superb, but $104 a month for just 16 simple charts (I hardly even use indicators)? It's an outrage, especially since I have a free data feed from IB; if there's something out there that's just as reliable AND just as fast, why not save the money? That's what I'm trying to figure out....

    Anyhow, is anyone here currently using NeoTicker or Sierra Charting or one of those other IB Feed charts program?
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    You gotta be kidding. $104/month for something you consider yourself to be superb and something that is critical to your business is too much? How much is that as a percentage of your profits?
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