15 consecutive profitable trades

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  1. What about the eight open trades, 4 of which are down over 20%?

    In my experience, anyone as full of himself as you is destined for failure. But, good luck anyway.
  2. You look like your wearing a sweater. And I agree with the above post...the market only rewards those with humility.
  3. If your target gain in 15%, why do you have drawdown's in excess of 25%? What is your stop level?
  4. accept these meats and cheeses as a token of my... uhhh... appreciation!!:cool: :cool: :cool:
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  5. Hey dog, I have to ask you. Whats up with the dancing meat wad??? It`s pretty funny.
  6. "The premise was to invest in high beta stocks while trying to limit my downside exposure in the event of a stall or downturn"

    Hehe.. I guess he forgot about this part...

    I thought you were supposed to let your winners ride.. not your losers :)
  7. kernan


    not to mention - holding period.

    some of the losses have been held for over a year - have you ever heard of opportunity cost?

    it seems you are holding until it turns positive, no matter what the dd. good luck is right...
  8. Ernie Barsamian (a.k.a. Mr Market) ROCKS!!!

    He is my inspiration...

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