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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cheese, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Cheese


    I said on another thread 10,000 is neither here nor there.. watch for 15,000. Who would agree or disagree?

    I trade the day (YM), not the trend, so I am not talking my book.

    Thing is, I see 15,000 as a medium term goal. It would be hard to say when exactly but no longer long term, say, years and years away.

    COULD it even be shorter term if not medium term?

    Of course progress to 12,000 is going to be especially interesting and there are going to have to be some really major pullbacks in all of this.

    Corporate earnings in nominal money terms are on a roll .. bigger than they have ever been EVER. President Bush has pumped a lot of money into the economy. If the rest of the world continues to give the US dollar a lower value, the DOW may simply have to adjust further upwards for this reason alone. A load of foreign money pours into USA listed corporations .. lets keep remembering that as well.

    So who sees 15,000 as well?
  2. DK_


    Long dollar positions should start firming up before the weak dollar alone causes dow 15k. A 50% increase among industrials is a tall order. I'd call it a very long term goal. I call Dow 15,000 no sooner than 2010. Perhaps you should make a poll
  3. CalTrader

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    Todays rally was not as convincing as I expected: good but it appeared to be driven by non-core factors. A few technical levels were breached which is encouraging but I think that the level wont be sustained short term .... Tomorrow should be an interesting day.
  4. Which will we see first, 15,000 or 5,000?
  5. Canibus



    da SPOO is not truly in recovery until 1245.75

    maybe in about 4 more years.

  6. Ask Cramer. He owns this market!
  7. Ebo


    I just love cheerleaders.
    10,000 is just a reason for the Carnivale Puppets @CNBC and NYSE to wear hats!
    SHORT and holding!

  8. oj will find his wife's killers before the dow hits 15k
    bush will find wmds before the dow hits 15k
    the usa will legalize gay marriages before the dow hits 15k
    etc:D :D
  9. it must be tough to be short in this market.
  10. CalTrader

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    I wouldn't want to be short going into tomorrow if the rally carries through - there was enough momentum on the close that it may well do so although like I said earlier it really wasn't as convincing as hoepd especially with the fall below the 10K mark prior to the close.
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