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  1. That's the amount the U.S. Government has either spent or allocated via the stimulus package, or guaranteed as a measure in the event of defaults in the financial system.

    It represents more than 100% of U.S. annual GDP, and 20% of world annual GDP.

    The kicker is that no credible economist believes the number won't grow significantly larger as more companies require financial assistance from the U.S. taxpayer (a private report just released demonstrates that Morgan Stanley desperately requires 40 billion in additional capital despite the 'stress test' claiming it only needs 1.8 billion), the same bad actors such as AIG come back for more, and the risk looms that the banking system in the U.S. will need to be fully nationalized at some point.
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    Sad, but true. I totally believe this. The "stress test" results and all the positive talk of late is no more than a well-orchestrated plan to bolster morale, in an otherwise dismal situation. Anyone who thinks we are over the worst, has another guess coming.
  3. As I have said over and over again 2007 to 2009..........FINANCIAL GRID TAKEDOWN........of EPIC proportions! :mad:

    Need anymore evidence??? :eek:
  4. we are yet to see those vaccines meant to inject some type of virus and kill off the world population

    this doesn't prove what you are saying is right or wrong, it only goes to show that you believe whatever alex jones has to say
  5. No big deal, Iceland is down 800%, realised loss I think.
  6. I'm beginning to think AMT, and, by extension, Alex Jones, is more right than wrong.
  7. I think its so nieve of the government to think we can spend our way out of this. It was the reckless spending that got us in this shit to begin with, and we're doing it all over again, by bailing out everyone and their mother.

    The goverment has no problem bailing out the already wealthy CEO's who probably dont really give a f--k what happens anyway, in the mean time you have hundrends of thousands of people homeless.

    Once again the little guy gets screwed and low to middle class americans pick up the tab.
  8. Nations rise or fall, prosper or go bankrupt, project strength and values or retreat inward into a crumbling and failing structure, dependent upon whether they have a vibrant and thriving 'middle class.'

    No nation in history has been judged great without a large, consuming, strong middle class as a % of the total population - not one.
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    15 Trillion deep, eh?

    Which parties are counter to losing banks? Where is this money going?
  10. Seriously, few know, and they ain't tellin'.
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