14 year old fund manager

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  1. This is nothing. There is a story out of India about a 15 yr old, whose parents are both doctors, trained & licensed, doing a c-section. Mom and dad are proud of him, too.
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    I was rooting for the kid all the way until I came to this scary part:

    "He watches financial news on TV nearly all day and idolizes CNBC personalities Maria Bartiromo and Jim Cramer of "Mad Money." He made his parents and two younger siblings join him for a subway trip to Rockefeller Center recently for a book signing with Mr. Cramer."

    Oh, no... someone do something, quick, before it's too late... pull the TV plug, whatever it takes...
  3. These stories always pop up during a bull market. The kid watchs CNBC during a bull and goes long growth stocks only to be blasted into submission when the bear market shows up.

    The worst part is that he could be chasing more important things at his age! Oh well, thank you for sharing mom and dad's money with me!

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    I'm surprised Cramer shared the stage with the kid. The Kid outperforms Cramer and is angling for Cramer's demographics.
  5. Many are quick to confuse brains with a bull market.
  6. "In six months, Brandon says he has increased the value of his fund -- which consists of money he earned fixing neighbors' computers and contributions from his uncles -- by some 30%, to about $5,000."

    thats nothing, why even bother writing an article about him
  7. Just saw where that kid hired a new Chief Quant and Portfolio Manager:

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