13D vs 13G

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    More importantly.....This is what you should be concerned with.....

    What was he (And other masters like him) into at the years end.....And ask yourself how do I capitalize on what he is buying!!!!!

    I track players like this like a HAWK and build these portfolios in a watchlist....When any of these stocks have a large pickup in avg. volume and trending correctly I buy or put in a hot list.....

    When big players increase the stake in the company after they own 5% or more it's a gift when they have to file a form 4 with the SEC....Some recent examples

    IESC---(Integrated electrical Services) TONTINE was buying on 1/3/2007 and back in August if I remember correctly....

    WPSC---(Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corp) TONTINE was buying on 12/13/2006....

    GBX---(Greenbrier Cos Inc) TONTINE was buying on 12/20/2006...Not as good of a performance so far, but he has quite a few shorts to try and shake....Needless to say you know where he feels GBX is undervalued

    I'm a one man team with help from my son...I'll take any help I can get from the real players...It's like playing craps and copying the guy with a mound of chips...Luck is involved, but he looks like he knows what he is doing!!!!!

    Other examples of some Gendell winners (Note: these were all off TONTINE 3/31/2006 13f-hr filing with the SEC) XIDE, TRA, LXU, BW, CF, IOSP, GETI, CLHB, GT, CECE, NAV, MTRX, ENR, TG, LYO, POWL, RYI, ****VSR****, AKS, DAR, GTI, ABM, X, SGR, AMR, NLC and I could go on and on!!!!

    Go to:

    and plug in the symbols.....It helps to track funds like this and it feels good to piggyback with the best in an up market....Having stocks like these in the portfolio helped me dominate the indexes on a daily basis.....It felt good to just track them and buy when the dips reversed in June and July.....

    I had all this posted in strategy trading (started on 6/9/2006) just days before the bottom on 6/13/2006...But nobody really cared so I kept my secret to myself....All you people starting out should consider a strategy like this as a starting point....


    Brush Engineered Material (BW----today's biggest winner for me) would of gotten looked over with the 60 other metal stocks had BW not had TONTINE as a major holder...

    BTW...It's up to you to call a top and get out before they do!!!!