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    i have serious situation on my hands here and possibly someone here could help me out... about a year ago i signed up with a firm, and cut them a check for x amount of dollars... the check was made out to the company and upon being cashed i began trading... now one of the office closed down and the traders moved to another office, now that i am leaving this office i am requesting for my deposit back and they claim that the ppl from the office that closed ran off with it... i in turn said how is that possible if the check was made out to the company which i am working for not the manager in charge!? they said to speak to the manager and to call them back... and basically avoiding giving me a check... now how do i go about getting my money back and more importantly is there anyone else i could speak to about this matter???
  2. www.sec.gov

    maybe they're a little more receptive to fighting outright scams (sic) then they are fighting manipulation and monopoly
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    If the manager won't give you satisfaction, you can always contact the regulators. That's one of the things they are there for.:(
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    sec claims they have nothing to do with that... and that i am on my own!!! do you believe that SHIT!!! i am contacting the NASD as we speak...
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    Contact the local and state District Attorney's office IMMEDIATELY, file a police report IMMEDIATELY, and then contact the state office of professional registration (they have to have multiple NASD licenses).
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    anyone care to take a guess what firm this is???
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  8. No, but would you mind telling us?
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    They deserve the bad publicity. You should do a broker opinion on them. Google picks those up so the whole world can see. :D
  10. The same company that you've been having problems with at least since November. Did you ever get any payouts from them at all?

    Also the Better Business Bureau might be worth calling.

    Am I surprised the S.E.C. doesn't care? Not particularly. The S.E.C. thinks you have no business trying to trade with less than $25,000, they probably think this company is doing you (or them) a favor by stealing what money you do have so you can't try to trade with it.

    In fact, if it hadn't been for the PDT restrictions, would you not have switched to IB long ago, instead of trying to stay with a prop firm that was clearly screwing you all along, just because the prop firm didn't PDT you into the ground?
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