Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ron In-a-sauna, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. anbody else get hit with that "modifired virus" from ET, i was on here and the browser page replicated itself like 50 times and tried downloading something....wierd
    if you didnt experience this at least leave a wise-ass comment
  2. Well, I would certainly update my antivirus software definition files to the latest available and then run it if I was you.

    Better safe then sorry. It's probably not an ET problem but your machine may have a bug that you just noticed with the ET/Browser thing.


  3. cheeks


    Yep, same thing happened to me. I just finished running a virus scan that came up with nothing.:confused:

    Rebooted and everything seems to be fine at the moment. Please pm me if you figure out what that was.