$133 Trillion U.S. Debts. China Prime Beneficiary of Fed Money Printing

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  1. Even if the government could somehow pay off that debt at the rate of, say, $100 MILLION PER DAY, EVERY DAY STARTING RIGHT NOW, IT WOULD TAKE 3,663 YEARS BEFORE THE TOTAL GOVERNMENT DEBTS AND OBLIGATIONS ARE PAID OFF.

    Even if Washington were to pay off $1 BILLION per day, it would still take about 366 years before they’re paid off.

    The U.S. Federal deficit at $1.6 trillion

    The officially recognized national debt at $12.1 trillion

    $3.5 trillion owed to foreign investors

    Unfunded national obligations of $106.5 trillion

    Another $9 trillion in cumulative deficits over the next 10 years

    At least another trillion dollars needed for health care reform!

    Grand total: $133.7 TRILLION IN DEBT!

  2. Hmmmm, doesn't this also assume that the Federal govt has no tax revenue going forward?
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    since the dollar is a paper something, what you care about...
  4. Rothschild hired gun tries to rewrite history.