130/30 Shorting Strategy - "Mutual Funds Take ‘Short’ Cut To HF Strat"

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    Mutual Funds Take ‘Short’ Cut To HF Strat

    Mutual funds have – without much success – been encroaching on hedge fund territory for some time. Increasingly, that includes so-called 130/30 shorting strategies, The Wall Street Journal reports. ING Funds, UBS Global Asset Management and Deutsche Bank Asset Management have launched 130/30 funds, and BlackRock, Mellon Equity Associates and State Street Global Advisors and investigating it. According to Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage, $35 billion – out of the combined $10.5 trillion in mutual funds and hedge funds – is in the strategy, and the Journal says hedge funds aren’t ceding the territory to their more traditional brethren. D.E. Shaw Investment Management has recently launched a fund employing the strategy as well.


  2. wondering, what's the basic strat that allows mutuals to short?
  3. I don't know - no clues.
  4. hey man... remembered you had a question abt iShares short interest data etc... just bumped into this (do a search)... hope its useful... cheers
  5. What does 130/30 mean?
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    “130/30” funds – the 130 representing a 130 per cent long position, using leverage, partially hedged by a 30 per cent short position.