13-Year-Old Girl Dies From Huffing

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  1. "Aria Doherty, a straight-A student who loved animals and had dreams of becoming a surgeon, was found dead inside her home Monday night."

    Once again making excuses, she knew what she was doing. It is very annoying to hear over and over again. (Insert name was such a smart person) all they did was (insert negligent cause of injury/death here).

    Arguably, this stuff is worse than most illegal drugs. How stupid do you have to be to inhale household cleaners? I though that was a trend confined to the hellish favelas of Brazil.

    13-Year-Old Girl Dies From Huffing
    March 20, 2013 5:10 PM
    Aria Doherty

    PORTER RANCH (CBSLA.com) — A Porter Ranch family is devastated after their 13-year-old daughter died from huffing—a dangerous trend that involves inhaling household cleaners to get a high.

    Aria Doherty, a straight-A student who loved animals and had dreams of becoming a surgeon, was found dead inside her home Monday night.

    The girl’s parents, Richard and Carolyn, said Aria went into cardiac arrest after inhaling a can of computer duster.

    Richard said he had no idea something they used to clean their computer could kill their daughter.

    “It’s senseless. There’s no explanation,” he said.

    Carolyn said, “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever felt. I did not know anything could be this bad.”

    The Doherty’s said they talked to their daughter about drug use and found no evidence Aria had used an inhalant before.

    “This was not that she had done it so many times that the chemicals had finally caused her brain damage or she’d gotten too much into her system. This is about her having a heart attack from just the very moment that she did the inhaling,” said Carolyn.

    Aria’s school, Alfred B. Nobel Middle School in Northridge, sent a letter home to parents to let them know a student had died, but didn’t mention Aria passed away from huffing.

    The victim’s parents decided to speak out about the incident because they don’t think their daughter was the only one on campus experimenting with the deadly habit.

    The family said they don’t want another parent to have to bury a child.

    “(Aria) had a scream on her when she was an infant. She had a cry that would wake up an entire neighborhood. I said from the time she was born…when Aria cries, the whole world cries with her, but when she laughs, the whole world laughs with her. She was just a good kid,” said Carolyn.

    Aria’s middle school has planned an assembly to warn students of the dangers of huffing. The district also brought grief counselors for the young kids.

    “Some studies say as many as one in four students report they have used inhalants at least once by the time they’re in the eighth grade,” an administrator told KCAL9’s Kristine Lazar.

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    Agreed, an incredibly stupid act or decision is not mitigated by their former hopes, dreams or potential.

    Darwinism works.

    Now if only we would let it more often.


    When I was a kid their was a rash of dumb asses sniffing model glue. My dad warned me about the dangers. I listened and followed his instructions.

    Stores started putting the glue behind the counter, so you'd have to ask for it.
    I never did figure out how that stopped anyone from sniffing it. Since all one had to do was ask for it.
  3. Actually kids don't know what they're doing or the risk they're taking. Teenagers think themselves indestructible, as we all did. I sniffed plenty of glue back in the day. OK, now you understand me a little more.:D I'd be out of it for 2-3 hours. No memory of anything. For some reason I thought this was cool. Then I came home and saw a friend who was already on the bag. Holy shit, he looked and was acting like a wild animal. I never did glue again. Bunch of other dope, but never glue again. On another occasion I happened to be getting locked up. OK, now you know.:D A guy came in at the same time who was huffing paint. The f'n guy was crazy. Took about 6 cops to hold him down. Next morning he was asking why am I here? Paint, aerosoles, glue, does some serious damage. But I am now perfectly normal.:eek: