13 Abortions for Every 10 Live Births in Russia

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  1. This is why abortions should be frowned upon. Any woman that wants a abortion should be treated like the lowest life form on the planet and publicly disowned and spit upon. Child birth should be treated as the greatest honor in the world.

    Unlike the United States, it's not just the underclass ghetto lowlifes who are having abortions in Russia. It's widespread in all social classes. This disproves the claim that the Orthodox Church has any authority in Russia. Marxism destroyed the Orthodox Church thoroughly. Church attendance is between 2-4% of the population. They don't care about Orthodoxy and when the pensioners die off they will have nobody to milk for charity and dissolve into complete irrelevance . The remaining traditional, religious Russian women dream about emigrating to the United States or Europe.

    Russia's is experiencing a severe demographic crisis that can't be corrected with liberal "pro choice" bullshit. Meanwhile, the Muzzies are out-breeding the Russians.

    Much of this is the fault of atheist communism and cultural Marxism. What's really worrying is that variants of those same ideologies are making headway here in the United States.

    13 Abortions for Every 10 Live Births in Russia
    10:43 AM, Feb 8, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER

    This week Russian president Vladimir Putin brought Boyz II Men to Moscow to "hopefully [give] Russian men some inspiration ahead of St. Valentine's Day," according to the Moscow Times. That is, Putin brought the music group to town to encourage love-making, and, he hopes, baby-making to offset Russia's demographic disaster.[​IMG]

    But, according to statistics in a new book by Jonathan V. Last, it might have been a wiser move for Putin bring in a pro-life group instead. The book is titled What to Expect When No One’s Expecting.

    Russia's demographic disaster, Last details, is being exacerbated by the fact that abortions are outpacing live births in Russia. "Abortion is rampant, with 13 abortions performed for every 10 live births," writes Last. "Consider that for a moment: Russians are so despondent about the future that they have 30 percent more abortions than births."

    Last says that "This might be the most grisly statistic the world has ever seen. It suggests a society that no longer has the will to live."

    But it is not just the astonishing abortion rate Russia must contend with. Last lists many factors.

    "It seems to be a combination of factors. On the fertility side of the equation, patterns of family formation have changed dramatically since the end of the Soviet Union," writes Last. "Many couples choose long-term cohabitation as an alternative to marriage. In 1980, only 11 percent of births were to unwed mothers; by 2005 that number had shot up to 30 percent. Divorce has skyrocketed—Russia has the world’s high- est divorce rate."

    The problem is staggering population decline. "Russia has experienced population decline three times during the last century," writes Last. "Each period was marked by crisis. The first depopulation came from 1917 to 1923, as the Russian Empire was overthrown and the Soviet Union was forged. The second came during 1933 and 1934 as Joseph Stalin collectivized the country’s farmers, resulting in mil- lions of deaths. The third came during World War II, which cost the lives of 25 million Russians. (Remember: No nation has experienced long-term prosperity in the face of contracting population.)"

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    The 13:10 ratio is cited from an early 2000s statistic.

    The asshole says the 13:10 ratio indicates a country that has lost its will to live. The trend suggests otherwise. Russia had an abortion to birth ratio of 27:10 in 1965.

    With such cherry picking or simply shoddy research Last's assertions cannot be taken seriously.
  3. No real worries ,the bombs of the future will be able to target for ethnicity.