$13,333 to $137.5 million in 8 years

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  1. This young man (29-years-old) who made high-class condominium of Minato-ku,Tokyo a trading room from this January has increased 1.6 million yen($13333) to 16.5 billion yen($137.5 million) in 8 years. He is most famous individual trader in Japan.

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    Very impressive, I don't speak Japanese though, How did he do it? Interesting that he doesn't appear to have many charts up on his screens.
  3. Can someone dub it? :D
  4. He definetly look more like a professional trader than the "hedge fund startup" guy featured in the hedge fund tv show.

    So, did it actually say he bought all the J-com share at 1 dollar ?
  5. What's his name?

    It's very impressive what he's been able to do.

    He comes across as a very calm and focused fellow.
  6. I respect the fact that he is humble of his accomplishments, but let's face it, he is more lucky then good. He won the lottery(that print took him from pauper to prince), and is one of the few who do, that manages to stay wealthy, though with some of his trading habits, he might not stay wealthy for long.
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    He only has 5 screens ?!:eek:
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    where are the charts?! & level2
  9. He is the modern day livermore.

    I just watched his other interviews to found out he also shorted livedoor too.
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