$13,000 for 2 days in the hospital

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  1. 4400. for just the surgery and the rest was meds, room, anesthesia. had our own prescription ...can't use it, hospital has to give us theirs. what a scam..
  2. what you have removed besides your wallet? :D
  3. hysterectomy ...everything.
  4. My mommy had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance two years ago because of heart attact. she ended up having two of those stent thingy's and the bill from the doctor alone was over $26,000.00. Thank heaven she had some insurance from her job...but then last winter the cost of fuel oil caused us to wear sweathers and light coats at night because it was so expensive to keep warm ( we live in new york )

    I keep asking her why we give billions and billions to other lands and here at home many of us go to bed cold at night and she just shakes her head and says.."i dunno Little Joey"
  5. you can't use your own 'script because of liability to the hospital. can't you understand that?

    13K is not out of line
  6. The medical industry in the US is a disgrace. I worked for an implantable company, the quality was horrendous, they dismantled the quality efforts and got the politicians to pass a law such that they can't be sued unless the proof is that they do more harm than good with a product...... there could not be a lower standard for quality really but they have not lowered prices a smidge... 25 grand for an ICD last I paid any attention, and 50 by the time you get out of the hospital, they can, and do, destroy your health with the thing and you or your family can't do a thing about it......
  7. You seem to be going long and short here Killer.

  8. not really following you
  9. My wife had to go to the emergency room for an iv after a doctor gave her an antibiotic that she was allergic to.

    We had insurance but the bastards sent us a bill for 4,000 bucks. We told them again to collect from the insurance company.

    They did and settled for 2,400 bucks. Now that is a god damn scam.
  10. I am bored today, so I will speculate that you are Nutmeg?
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