12pm 7/15/2011

Discussion in 'Trading' started by HedgefunTrader2, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. HI guys,

    Was traveling today and going over the spyder (spy) charts now and see a blip at 12pm eastern time, didn't see any news on Bloomberg's econ calendar.

    Was wondering if any traders who were trading today can shed some light on this? Seems like maybe news related but I don't know for sure. Thanks!

  2. wrbtrader


    There are many other economic calendars out there that covers much more info than the Bloomberg calendar. You should use a Forex calendar that covers the U.S. and international key market events.

    Anyways, my economic calendars show there was a 12pm est Bank Stress Test Results to explain the volatility spike (3rd largest of the day at that time) in the time duration of 1203pm - 1206pm est.

  3. Mark - you got one or more you can recommend?

  4. THanks Mark :)