12k Calories a Day!!!

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  2. That is absolutely sick. If I ate that much I couldn't get out of bed, and he wins every gold medal in site.

    Then again, let's see him day trade the NYSE. :D
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    Kudos to the guy, that's dedication, eat, sleep and swim, how else to get the gold?

    I remember when I worked as a laborer and used a bicycle to get around, sometimes 50-60 miles on a weekend day for fun. I took supplements that I washed down with pitchers of beer and ate raw eggs and everything I could get my hands on... it was nuts really but I was happy.. and I was an animal... and skinny,... and had a six pack... and women were always bothering me for s%x, dont' tell the wife, she doesn't want to know my past, just dealing with the present is bad enough for her...... "My husband wants to just trade stuff on the computer all day but I and all my girlfriends think he should be a greeter at WalMart"

    I read where the average adult ate 10,000 calories a day back a couple hundred years ago when they did physical labor from dawn to dusk every day..... and the food was a hell of a lot more nutritional then too...
  4. i say total b.s.

    he claims to train 30 hours per week. let's assume 3/4 of that is intense swimming (450 cal per hour) and the rest is jogging (600 cal per hour). that's still only 14.6k cal per week from training, or about 2100 per day. there's no way the other 10k cal is disappearing into thin air.

    he's grossly overestimated his consumption. it's probably about 5000 per day.
  5. agree....... the numbers dont add up...... impossible

    heres how those numbers would really add up......
  6. Finally! A man who can out eat me.

  7. Finally! A post that really stirs my imagination.

    :D :D
  8. BS. that guy does not eat 12K per day. physically impossible to burn that many cals each day total BS
  9. yep it is biologically impossible to do this unless he has some medical condition such as hyperactive thyroid.

    his daily maintenance calories is probably 2800. that means he'd need to burn 9200 through exercise. he trains 30h per week, which means he needs an exercise that burns 2150 calories per hour. there is no activity that does that (that wouldn't kill you after a couple of hours).
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    The New York Post got it wrong? They erred on the side of sensationalism? Unthinkable.
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