12666 on the dow cash close second day in a row.

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  1. Don't tell me there is nothing funny about 666! :D
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    Isn't it 12,666? Not quite the same as 666, IMO.
  3. 12666, 12 is divisible by 6 so it is better! Traders are nuts about the number, was on the floor of the merc in spoos pit in 96 when futures and cash traded off it like we are now before correcting 10%. Just a very tradable number.
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    I got ya. I'm sure it is a very tradable number.
  5. The 12 disciples are battling the devil for control.
  6. prepare thyselves for a large drop by end of week.


  7. lol

    I have been hearing that for 4 years now
  8. Or prepare for a huge rally by the end of the week, or we could close the week at 12666, put your bets down and show us a picture your new Lexus on Monday. Todays price action left no clues, swings in each direction off resistance and support and closing exactly where we closed yesterday. If you can produce a statistical analysis of said price action that results in a big selloff by the end of the week then make a trade, go short, buy puts and make some money. I say the breakout range was defined today. I will trade the upside, but tread lightly on the downside.
  9. Equity indexes world wide YTD%
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    18 out of 25 indexes higher. India hasnt even pulled back since its drop below 10,000 in July.
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