12666 n the ym

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  1. Cash can't trade above it and ymh7 can't trade below it. 666 is a powerful number.....
  2. damn good observation........i think it was you whom mentioned this in a previous thread & i have been watching price action off that level since.

    back in the day ,it was the spooz that would trade off the devils # of 66 with a high degree of certainty.
  3. Dow cash hod so far 12666...gosh!! were all doomed:cool:
  4. 666 is a bad omen
  5. point is it`s seems to be a valuable inflection point in the charts......no fear of doom in this casino.
  6. bunkinc


    Apr. Gold is battling with evil forces as well...

    Good is triumphing over evil.
  7. 12666 is the pivot, go back to Feb 6th and 7th. Close above go long, close below go short on the dailys. Same thing happened with the sp in 96 at 666, that was nearly a 10% correction.

    Say what you will but it is a significant number...
  8. ===============
    Commented on YM 12666 some time ago ;
    also it was on ES pivot page:cool:

    Agree it is a significant number ;
    dont plan on buying into that number [too much pain], but its a free country.Besides ES prints with .25, for now anyway.

    You said say what you will, all right;
    now that you mentioned it, SPY closed @65.266 in 96.

    Also have been doing some study on ES emini charts;
    750 area had some good moves., thats not a prediction.
    Numbers do have meaning;
    1313 on ES was/is intersting also.