1266% gain for june

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  1. top traders at fxcm consistently make outsized gains monthly,why i can't make 10% yearly,what's wrong with me?
  2. The difference is accounted for by the fact that there gains are imaginary whereas yours arent made up.
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    they just bet hard and got lucky. they wont be lucky for long.
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    Weren't you the one who was looking to trade others people money?
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    Yet another quality Fx thread on ET!

  6. Hey just be thankful these guys are literate, you want to read some of the content on the other well-known trading factory :D
  7. Yes, could be, but they won't last.

    20% per anum compounded is still better than 1000% per month with a blow-up just around the corner.

  8. Hehe, you refering to wacko-jacko's kingdom? :D
  9. lol yep, that's the one! :D

    When they fail at trading perhaps they could give this a shot.....

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