$125 oil

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  1. Oil prices have approximately doubled since this time last year. The increasing demand and tight supply in China, Brazil and India is playing a part in driving the price of oil higher. Weakness in the US Dollar is also causing investors to buy commodities as a hedge against inflation. Oil has become a safe haven due to weakness in the USD. Oil is priced in dollars, and because the dollar's value has fallen massively, oil is significantly more expensive to Americans.

    The geopolitical concerns in countries such as Nigeria and Venezuela further bolster the high price levels. Recent violence in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Lebanon's pro-western government could trigger increased unrest throughout the Middle East.

    The price of oil is especially vulnerable to manipulation. Oil is easily prone to supply disruptions - and the complex nature of the global oil system also makes it hard to estimate how much oil is available at a given time.

    Although I think the price of oil is out of whack with fundamentals and has been artificially driven up by speculation - I believe the forecasts of $150-$200 oil in the not too distant future may come to pass -

    (Goldman Sachs analyst Arjun Murti): Analyst predicts $200 oil could happen this year
  2. LT701


    oil prices went from 100 to 125 in the blink of an eye, a knife through butter

    $25 is what used to be the price

    now, it's a month's inflation
  3. I feel that last part of oil rise is more due to speculation.
  4. balda


    I agree because no change in price at gas station.

    And a lot of top callers.
  5. jtnet


    youre joking right? it went up 20cents a gallon over ngiht here when it hit 25
  6. balda


    No I am not kidding.

    Price in Los Angeles has been flat for about a month now.

    This is a Spot prices for L.A.

    3/28 $2.921
    4/4 $2.957
    4/11 $3.012
    4/18 $3.056
    4/25 $3.066
    5/2 $2.951

    Retail average for west coast

    4/21/ $3.801
    4/28 $3.845
    5/5 $3.857
  7. XBOT


    you guys must have a solid supply of gas or something. i live in houston and pay between 3.50-3.75
  8. balda


    Spot prise is not a retail prise.

    retail at the pump $3.85-$4.00 for regular
  9. :)