$1200 for iPhone 8!? I'm feeling gouged...

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  2. Apple has $Hundreds of Billions stashed in overseas accounts... from excess/exorbitant profits garnered from those who are willing to "be seen with an Apple iPhone and willing to pay any price for one."

    However... I may not be the best authority here. I don't have an iPhone.... I don't even have any kind of cell phone.

    (My wife laments that I don't have a cell phone so she can "get in touch with me an any time"... kind of like a leash... where you can "jerk your dog any time you want".... that, of course, is why I don't have one. :))
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    Yeah, they're a modern-day status symbol; the "Cadillac" (Lexus?) (Tesla!?) of today's society.
  4. Admittedly, they are a marvel of technology. Science Channel episode ranking "100 most important inventions of all time".... ranked the Smart Phone #1... even ahead of "the wheel" and the printing press.

    But $1,200? Multiply that by 1-2 billion people to have one... and you're talking real money!
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  5. Stupid ass people throwing money away. A millennial status symbol.

    Funny thing is they are running out of ideas, improvements are minimal, yet prices keep climbing up.

    I read somewhere recently that Apple
    deliberately slows your older iphone when you install the new OS upgrades to force you into purchasing another one almost every year.

    Someone needs to put an end to this crap.

    Ive personally boycotted Apple products at my house, all kids using Android and I only allow uogrades every 2.5-3 years, when they break, I rapair them. Cant stand the millennial way, wont let my kids be part of that parasite generation.
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    Launch was a flop and appl suffering for it. Time to short?

    I've come to realize that companies like these have cult like following and need their Messiah to stay relevant. It's still the same overpriced repackaged phone, but there's no "larger-than-life" figure peddling it.
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    People will buy Iphone for two reasons:
    1 - it is a good product. I do not mean that other phones like Samsung or LG V20 are not comparable. Basically it is a "GOOD" cellphone.
    2- it is overpriced so people can brag about their cellphone. If it were priced lower sales would not go up. You go to a bar and put your Iphone 8 and Porsche key on the counter and order a drink and the gold digger girl by you would melt.
    Do not short AAPL for long run. You will lose money.
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    Still happy with my $29 LG Volt, purchased new from Sprint prepaid, which has the same components as the I-Phone5, and has a much lager battery.
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  9. You mean like in 2016?
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    yes and even before that. It might drop a little bit but AAPL has tools to fix the issue like a huge buyback or dividend increase. APPL can sell bonds for less than 2% and use the money to buy back the shares. No need to use its pocket money.
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