12 'Dr. Dooms' warn Wall Street's optimism misleads, will trigger new crash

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    No comments on this ?
  3. 12 jaded old white guys in suits.

    This is exactly why Obama got elected.

  4. cherry pick a group of bears. one could also cherry pick a group of bulls. or a group of "it is going sideways for 10 years" or any other likely result.
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    read elsewhere...

    "bubbles are the new bubble"
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    You all miss the reality,both the comments and the "old men.
    Obama intends to destroy American capitalism such as it is.
    He has deliberately done nothing to save it. In reality every thing he has done or has tried to do is aimed at fundamentally changing the U.S.
    He wants to be the next Hugo Chavez. He's well on the way with his Marxist buddies helping him.
    He exacerbates not solves problems.
    Name one thing he has done or proposed that will improve the situation.
    Higher taxes? I don't think so.
    More unionization? I don't think so.
    Nationalized health care? Now? Another bigger government loser.
    Cap and trade? How does that reduce so called green house gases?
    Take over private companies?
    Government motors and Chrysler come to mind.
    Tell financial companies and banks how to pay employees
    .Anything done to control the climate is a fraud. Follow the money.
    Subsidize more mortgages? Yeah right.
    And the list goes on.

  7. there is no difference between democrats and republicans -- the man pulling the strings is the same.

    the slight nuances in their political agenda only serves the purpose of keeping the vast majority of people thinking they have a vote on how the country is governed.
  8. True in many senses, but there is a difference between Democrat and small C conservative.

    There are a lot of small C conservatives on the horizon. Don't give up hope just yet.
  9. Post this shit in politics and shit shat.

    Only another tea-gagging monkey like you would believe what you threw up. Shit shat is where you'll find your kind.

  10. Go back and re-live your favorite "Yes we can (take your hard-earned money)" Maobama rally moment. And get off this board. You're certainly not a trader.
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