12 countries with the highest lowest tax rates

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  1. Interesting article below.


    The United States is still relatively tax-friendly, with a marginal tax rate of around 27% on average income workers. As the world’s largest economy by far, the economic vitality and high standards of living in the U.S. speak for themselves. The United States boasts the 6th highest GPD per capita in the world at $47,440 and serves, in the words of Wikipedia, as “the epicenter of world trade.” Total GDP stood at over $14 trillion for 2008, which is more than three times that of the world’s second largest economy (Japan). American citizens also have the highest income per hour worked of any nation surveyed. By any objective measure, the United States and its relatively low tax rates offer the best of both worlds — reasonable social safety nets, and extraordinary economic capacity stemming from essentially free market policies. The standard of living in the US is evidenced by consistently being the most immigrated-to nation on earth — 38,355,000 immigrants currently call the US home, more than double that of Russia, which is second on the list.
  2. Garbage report. A total tax rate rate would've been better statistic to use to compare countries.

    For the dumb on here, total tax includes sales tax, property tax, etc..

    A better read: Does It Pay to Work?
  3. Speaking from experience some of their comparisons are quite biased.

    For example, the sales tax in Canada is 20% and in the US it's a max 10 that I have ever heard or seen.

    I appreciate you posting it but it leaves out a lot of comparisons which are needed. In the US some have to pay for their own insurance. In more socialistic countries taxes pay for them.
  4. The OP at least provided something of value.. And you plan to post this "better" link, when?
  5. No province in Canada has anything like a 20% sales tax. In Alberta, which has no provincial sales tax, the federal sales tax is 5%.
  6. I made 70k and paid <5k tax last year. No sales tax. No capital gain tax. Just income tax.

    And the government provided me a housing with rent of USD230 a mth. No management fee too.

    I pay very little for food/traffic/mobile too as all expenses can be reimbursed by my company.

    I live in Hong Kong.
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    good for yu
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    i agree the us is in the top three for total tax %
    welcome to the land of indebtedness and slavery at the hands of crooks in which we /you are only to blame.
    example you call an ambulance it gets their takes you away .
    when all is done and said you get a bill,, but you already paid your property taxes,fed state etc.. for these service's now they send a bill its like a muscle car lets supercharge it .
  9. Sorry dude, I thought it was an interesting article.
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