$12 billion a month on IRAQ

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bat1, Mar 15, 2008.

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    What are we getting in return?

    IRAQ is sitting on over $100,000 billion in oil

    reality is IRAQ is richer then the U.S.A

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    I saw some caculations that showed that by the time the war is done, the costs will be about $40.00 a barrel for all the known reserves of oil in Iraq.

    Then there's the dead people.

  3. I dont think Iraq has 1 trillion barrels of untapped crude.

    Maybe 100 million Barrels.

    That would be $11 Trillion at todays prices.

    Perhaps if the price goes to $200 in a few years it will be worth 20T..
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    so sorry! I don't think anybody can help you!
  5. 111 bbl Proven reserves
    300 bbl optimistic estimates of possible reserves.
    From what I understand the the geology in the region is favorable to recovery so the cost of production can be very low.

    I think its realistic to hope the money invested can be recovered.

    Iraq will save the world economy :)