12.5bn British Pound hole in UK public finances...

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    I knew it ! I knew we can't trust italians, greeks and such, the club med cook their books, the germans are gonna pay for.... oh wait, did you say UK ? :D
  2. Most famous Darth Vader quote:

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing."


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  3. The Queen is richer and richer.
    The public cheers for Her Majesty!
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    whatever, Socialism is undergoing worldwide, world class meltdown. The borrowing insanity [the good part where we spend the next few generation's money] is ending and we're going to the phase where there is not much to go around. That phase is fine with the sick, lame, and lazy of the world, maybe environmentalists too, so it could be a prolonged era where the politicians that brought it to us remain in power. Eventually the glow will be off the Socialism rose and the world will undergo some restructuring as did the Sov Union...
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    its odd that the dems are still trying to spend like hell. it like a blow off top on chart. Some say they know their best chance of keeping power on the left is to collapse the system.
  6. With riots a common scene, UK is no different from Spain, Greece,etc. Maybe it could be better off with Johnny English a.k.a Mr Bean as the PM, less debate more comedy:p
  7. I've often thought the same....however there remains a pertinent question for the future.
    I view politics as a pendulum, it swings one way, then the other..if politics/economics swings the pendulum WAY too far one way, what happens when their grip slips?
  8. I see it that way as well, but as has been repeated umpteen times, it's a "generational thing". Once the boomers are largely gone from public office, the upcoming generations of politico's will inherent a completely broken system with which a fight to the death to maintain the status quo will neither be an option, nor an electable platform.

    Obama was a charlatan who campaigned on this type of rhetoric to win the "heart's and mind's" of the younger generations to "reform" what was clearly broken. Only problem is that he is a big part of the status quo and continues to fight for more and more debt and "stimulus" to try and maintain this artificial reality.
  9. well this is a English board- hence we are talking English
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