12-28-06 Interactivebrokers TWS not updating

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by myminitrading, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. My TWS has not updated since I logged in @ 6:00am cst. Nothing is updating, my Bloomberg is updating.
  2. jackj90


    The same here. WTF is going on with IB ????????
  3. IB portfolio pnl completely wacked.

    i have 3 long positions; c/intc/bls and c is positive by more than 8% yet shows only 3% gains. intc is negative yet shows it is positive. all in all looks like the whole load is spread up with some logic given the total pnl is correct but it doesn't correspond to the correct $ on every single position.
  4. Man this is becoming a regular occurrence, these intermittent outages.

    Its not my internet connection, I have iTunes internet radio running in the background, and my other applications are running, its IB.
  5. ddunbar

    ddunbar Guest

    no probs here - east coast server.

    TWS 865.7
    Java 6
  6. Seems to be working for me right now.

    At least, futures quotes are changing.

    I gave up on figuring out how the port calcs work...

    Ver 865.2
  7. dhpar


    agree. I have more accounts in various locations and the behavior is even different between those accounts - so something with their MD farms. Recently it is becoming much worse again (and I have 8GB connection).

    e.g. NGs are not properly updating, long illiquid ZQs is a long outstanding problem - sometimes completely wrong overnight etc.
  8. OK, good it's not just me losing my mind. My quotes stopped coming in and my P/L is all whacked.
  9. my Avg Cost is all messed up , anyone else ?
  10. realtime seems ok here but last night and this morning the avg prices were all messed up
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