12/17/03 RMBS Redi......Reliable??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dedicated1, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Ok, so who played RMBS today(you know when I'm talkin about)and how did you play it....long short?

    PS I use Rediplus and that thing straight up froze on me. Anyone using Redi know why ? It could be the videocard(Radeon ATI 128M) couldn't keep up but I'm leaning more towards it being a Redi software problem. While trading RMBS today this happened to several people I know...all in various locations...all with quality computers. Anyone care to comment on this as well ?!



    It was NASDAQ's piece of crap system.

    ECN's flashing all over the place. Supermontage trading through bids/offers (non participants).

    This stuff happens all the time on the NAZ...especially on massive volume spikes. They really have to re-think their strategy on maintaining a "fair and orderly market".

    Once again, NASDAQ drops the ball.
  3. Anyone out there care to comment? Surely, there are a lot of us out there....