12:12PM, Who is Shorting NDX?

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  1. 12:12PM, NDX at 1985, Who is Shorting NDX?
  2. Hey bulls? Why are you hiding? The market is green. You should come out.
  3. 12:19PM, and NDX is revisiting area of 1984. This might be your chance to sell at what might be the top.

    I have already declared in real-time 1985 as the top of today for NDX.
  4. Do you have to start a new thread every day? Why not start a "NDX SHORTING" journal and post your trades there daily?
  5. I have to tell people the time of the top. Do not you think that if I am right you have to be thankful?
  6. Why not do that in a single thread rather than a new thread every day?
  7. why not actually post where and when and what you shorted ?
  8. His 40 million readers a day demand he post a new thread each day with vague innuendos of him making a trade.
  9. Okay, this is the top, really I mean it this time. Just have to keep adding all the way up in my simulated account.
  10. Anyone posting here:

    Show your hand. You are either with us "bears", or against us (meaning you are a bull on this thread). You cannot hide. There is no middle ground (bear or bull, withus or against us). The rest is just bullshit, and the likes of "I think, I believe, it appears to, on the other hand, and all that shit...".

    If you do not show your hand (in terms of NDX direction), you are a bull and holding a big position. :D

    The market does not take prisonners, but it takes their money, and they shut up.

    The referee is the tick. Long live the tick...

    Ladies and Gents: rise and hail the king...:)
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