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  1. Wow. He's good!!!
  2. Ohhhhhhhh yes...Many times before Alexis...I mean Dragomir...I mean Ivanovich!

    And look who came to the rescue and to cheer you and lend you a hand in your hate promotion?!

    dddooo. Our resident hate promoter who pressed the complaint bottom more times than he made posts against assholes who promoted hate against the Jewish religion.

    But fear not my friend. Your thread is an educational one while the threads started by other hate promoters are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  3. i tried watching that flamer for 3 minutes... figures doodoo would love the old perv. you're scarin me doodoo.
  4. I knew you would not like it. The spread of Islamofascism in Europe is one "conspiracy" you refuse to believe in regardless of how much evidence is presented to you, including evidence in this video.
  5. I figured some folks would whine, and some folks would cheer. No skin off my back either way.

    Though I'll admit to being confused to the Dragomir or Alexis comment.
  6. These aliases have started hundreds of virulently anti-semitic and anti-zionist threads during the last few weeks, somehow wael who has started a thousand similar anti-zionist (many of them anti-semitic) threads insists that they are my, not his friends.
  7. And I knew you would love it! Just a question, how come you didn't hit the complaint botton when you saw this thread dddooo???

  8. First of all I've never hit the "complaint" button in my life. Not that there is anything wrong with using it but I just have not. I did make a couple of posts in Feedback forum though.

    In this specific case it's a 6 minute video of a guy eloquently documenting the spread of Islamofascism in Europe and never ending and constantly growing list of European concessions. In fact the video was less about Islam and more about European spinelessness and political correctness so frankly I found nothing to complain about. Feel free to if you feel you should though.
  9. Ah, so because I liked a particular video I saw today and decided to post it (which I do so often here on this forum /sarcasm) that means I'm the same user as the afformentioned two names?

    I'm glad logic is in good supply!
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