$116 Trillion dollar lawsuit against terrorists

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  1. When I first read it, I thought it was a misprint. Isn't the total world GDP around $30-40 trillion? Suing for 3x that amount? I wonder where they came up with that number.

    I hope this exposes the true nature of our "allies" in Saudi Arabia that we've turned a blind eye to. Having a comprehensive domestic energy policy would free ourselves of being associated with those tyrants.

    Will this lawsuit have any effect at all (such as what happened in the Lockerbie case)?
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    Wonder how much the land of Palestine is worth. Why should we pay for the World Trade Center and all the extra security. "You break it, you buy it" right.
    I know it wasn't the "Palestinians" that attacked the U.S. but they're really all the same group.
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    Well that definitely was the most narrow-minded thing I have read yet on elitetrader.

    How would you feel if you had to pay for someone else's mess? Just because they're middle-eastern they should pay?

  4. No. If they are responsible they should pay.

    It's going to be an uphill battle to hold someone accountable for his actions in this day, especially anyone from outside the US. It's hard enough here, where we offically submit to the rule of law.

    This suit (if it goes anywhere) should at least help clarify the positions of various world factions viz a viz the US and our interests (namely, liberty and justice for all). I'm sure many will be disappointed when the sun shines on this. I'm preparing my barf-bag for when the UN weighs in.

    What court is going to rule in favor of the US in the current world climate, even if doing so <i>wouldn't</i> be the start of World War III?

    Incidentally, my sense on the Palestinian people is that, by and large, they are merely pawns in the efforts of the Arab nations to destroy Israel (a written goal). It has to be the most heinous ploy in history.
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    I thought so earlier already: you live in Disneyland, right?
  6. Anyone got a link for the story??

    These terrorists live in the dirt and eat sh!t; I doubt even if the stories about osama's family having untold millions are true.
  7. I heard an interesting comment last night: the IRA bombed and terrorized London for 30 years (rightly or wrongly - no opinion on a justification for that struggle), and killed 4,000+ British citizens.

    Evidently much of the IRA's funding came from Irish groups in the U.S. -- does that give the U.K. the right to sue the U.S. for a few trillion now?

    (or, using the Bush reasoning does this mean the U.S., besides possessing weapons of mass destruction, also "sponsors" terror, like Iraq, and therefore must be overthrown and its cities bombed?)
  8. DT-waw


    The BIG question is: why $116 trillion?
    Why not $232,129,348,328,771 and 51 cents?

    Maybe if terrorist's lawyers negotiate, it will be only
    232,129,348,328,769 and 48 cents ??
  9. Gee Madison, maybe TV does have something interesting to offer afterall.. :)
    I like the comment on whether Britain has the right to go all guns blazing into Boston, in order to smoke out those Irish terrorists...afterall, Boston is harboring terrorists right?
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    The circumstances are completely different, as you well know.
    When the IRA bombed London you didn't have have American newspapers supporting it, American ambassadors writing poetry about the heroism of the bombers, and thousands of Americans jumping for joy in the streets over the murder of the "evil Englanders".
    On the contrary. People were angry and sickened when they heard about the bombings.
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