$115: The long-term bottom in crude

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  1. before you join the bandwagon and start shorting crude, just remember Hurricane Season is here. Going short on a Friday will be suicidal because a major Hurricane only needs a few days to form out of nowhere.

    So laugh now and rate the thread a 1. Someone will be bumbing this 2 months from now saying how right I was. (or how stupid LOL)
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    Crude oil is to be set to have a zero contribution to inflation over the next two years.

    This can and, in my opinion, will be done by range trading crude between $90-$120.
  3. I am looking for $112/$113 level as my primary short position targets - next key level below this will be the $99/$100 area (July/August contracts). Oil to the $80's and below will take some sharp world economic slowdown numbers to be thrown out by the "insiders".
  4. Wish away. See how far that takes you.
  5. hurricanes are priced in
  6. The risk of a hurricane is priced in, not an actual hurricane swirling around and shutting down platforms
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    I remember the hype behind hurricane season last year, ended up being nothing, pretty pathetic.
  8. Crude @ $134

    So who got their ass raped today?
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    nobody, they all made fortunes shorting and they all covered yesterday
  10. Weather forecasting accuracy is awful, just as bad as most trading strategies.
    The difference is that the weatherman doesn't blow out his account when he is wrong.
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