113 Letters From Madoff Victims - DOJ Doc

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  1. He should be stoned by all of his victims.
  2. ipatent


    There should be a death penalty for fraud of that magnitude.
  3. You see, he' s a demon, that is inarguable. But, do you realize Patch started that site, "investigatethesec.com" six years ago? Do you realize the"Elgindy Transcripts" yielded SEC enforcement attorneys insider trading in 2001 and helping Elgindy, yet, it was just recently that two were pinched?

    So, while you can demonize Madoff, what of the SEC, tasked with stopping him, or the politicians who feigned the outrage when we were there telling them all along something was amiss? Where do they fall in this? And how about all the firms that didn't put a dime with Madoff,because they knew something was up, but didn't speak up?

    The entire system is out of whack. But it has been. It's just the money was so, so good.