111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined

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    Even at low rates of CPI and inflation, the growth is still compounding, so it's logical to assume that, aside from the occasional dip, government spending will be on an upward curve. Not to imply that all government spending is "ok", of course, that's another matter.

    Anyway, what's important to consider is ability to pay, that's what is key. Can we, if the economy improves, we end a couple of wars, and our export initiative is successful, for some examples, could we expect revenue growth sufficient to pay down this debt?
  3. Its the President who proposes the federal budget to Congress.Guess what 2 Presidents were the biggest deficit spenders and added the most to the national debt ?:)
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    Tsing Tao

    you can redirect the topic whichever direction you want, but the OP's post still stands. the current congress is the worst congress in spending, ever, despite a pledge by the wicked witch of the west to make it not so.
  5. lots of inflation since the 1st congress. the headline is misleading to say the least.
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    really? three times as much inflation in 2009-2010 than in 2007-2008?

    you wanna check that?
  7. And 2 of the 3 previous GOP Presidents were the worst at deficit spending despite fiscal conservatism being one of the partys biggest principles

    After the last 2 years of promising fiscal conservatism the Republicans in Congress just voted to add 900 billion to the national debt

    Unless Congress has a veto proof majority the federal budget starts and ends with the President and Bush 2 and Reagan did most of the damage to this country's finances
  8. George W Bush made the mistake of compromising with Democrats.
    Nevertheless, the main lesson here is the Democrats are clearly screwed up. [​IMG]
  9. Than First 100 Congresses Combined
  10. I'm not sure what this would mean. I have more debt than my father and his father and his fathers father.
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