$111 Million in Fed Stimulus grant created 55 jobs in Los Angelous

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. I am at the point where the most shocking thing about this article is the fact that the huffington post printed a story like this.
  2. Why is it shocking? Huffington Post too leftist to print this?

  3. Is that really a question ????????

    hippy as bitch
  4. And Krugman Co. want more of this madness.
  5. The audit didn't find any misspent funds or waste.

    If you regulate to the point of inefficiency, and legislate costs with zero regard to productivity. Voila, of course you'll find no waste or misspent funds. Everything is going according to plan.


    Short story. I heard today, a city bus driver last week spilt his coffee, landed on the floor, creating a slip hazard. Since this was captured on the camera, they had to get a new bus, everyone was transfered to a different bus. Apparently, no one has the authority to wipe up spills. What a friggin waste but not really, this is the plan.