110 years old man says USA is the worst

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  1. ..when it comes to food.


    His name: Bernando Lapallo.

    His favorite foods?
    Garlic, Olive Oil (also applies it to the skin), Cinnamon, Chocolate and Honey.


    Notice that 3 of these foods are extremely high in antioxidants- thats why they have very dark pigment.

    White/no color foods must be avoided, that is: MILK, sugar, white flour, vodka, white rice, potatoes.

    Of course, your medical doctor wearing white outfit will asure you that its bullshit.
  3. The food in the US SUCKS! Factory farmed meat, eggs, poultry is devoid of one very important nutrient; Omega3, if you are not supplementing that your brain is sick. There are fifty other lesser nutrients that you will only get via the Health Food and Supplement industry. Bastards like the Clintons, the Democratic party in general, McCain, etc.. are trying to bring it all under the supervision of the Medical establishment so we will need prescriptions for healthy nutrients... get educated and join the fight for health freedom!!
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    I don't think it's fair to complain about all US food...it's more the people that should be complained about. You can find great natural, organic, healthy food, but unfortunately many Americans are uneducated and make poor choice because of the availability of poor choice foods. Good health takes time, and many Americans opt for the easy way... You're right in that we need better education on these matters.