110% retuns per year, D.I.M.M.P. these guys were Robb Report, who knows them?

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  1. I saw these guys originally in Robb Report, thier site doesn't give much info, i hear they are very private. I heard some things about them, so far good.

    But, what about the bad? Anyone else knows these guys?

    Their site is:


    anyone else have any info on them??
  2. Nice photos, but this is a joke!

  3. Allways be careful when dealing with Russians.
  4. Wow they've got flat screens and flourescent lighting all in one room! Where do I sign?

  5. lol. Come on, be serious. I'm asking for facts, not opinions. Or did you hear something fishy about theme?
  6. nkhoi


  7. simsim


    yeah that is my garage, send me your cheques

  8. jem


    You would never want to give a small unheard of fund custody of your funds. You would put it in an account an let them direct the trades int it, if you really wanted to be daring.

    I really liked this touch on that website

    "Most of our investors keep a much larger portion of their profits, simply by being charged a much smaller tax percentage. Depending on where you live, you may receive favorable tax advantages."

    Stuff like that just makes me think ponzi.
  9. Probably a joke of some kind.
  10. Tell you what?

    Why not give $100,000 of your very own money to Igor and let us all know how it shakes out. In the meantime, I'll be happy with what I have at SAC in Stamford, CT.

    Good Luck.
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