11-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped in California Park Bathroom

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  3. The thing about race is.. you either think that certain races of people are genetically programed to be terrible OR you believe people are a product of circumstances (defined loosely) and anybody can potentially be uncivilized and do terrible things.

  4. That makes too much sense. How'd you find this place.
  5. No, it's not either/or. In fact, most scientists now believe it's a product of both.

    Either way, if I know that a given group is more inclined to gang rape my daughter in a bathroom for WHATEVER REASON, I'd prefer to be away from that group.

  6. My post in no way defends the animals who attacked this little girl,they should all be killed,but once again ET's racist want to imply that its a genetic thing related to black people

    White people have a long history of rape as well so its not genetic.Germans raped Jewish women in concentration camps.White slave owners raped black women daily

    This was quite common in the civil rights era


    Updated: Mar 22, 2011 10:47 AM CDT

    Ala. leaders apologize for handling of 1944 rape

    ABBEVILLE, Ala. (AP) - Nearly 70 years after Recy Taylor was raped by a gang of white men, leaders of the rural southeast Alabama community where it happened apologized Monday, acknowledging that her attackers escaped prosecution because of racism and an investigation bungled by police.

    Taylor was 24, married and living in her native Henry County when she was gang-raped in Abbeville. She was walking home from church when she was abducted, assaulted and left on the side of the road in an isolated area.

    Taylor's story, along with those of other black women attacked by white men during the civil rights era, is told in "At the Dark End of the Street," a book by Danielle McGuire released last year.
  7. Show us the poll that shows most scientist believe gang rapist are genetic.
  8. Did anyone ever say that members of all races have not committed rape? Of course they have, as have members of all races committed murder, robbery, and just about everything else. Nice strawman though.

    The question is do certain groups commit such acts at a greater frequency than other groups? Do certain groups commit such acts at a MUCH HIGHER frequency than other groups? Several multiples the rate of other groups? If so, then why? Are these facts fairly consistent with this group across the world? If so, why? The better question- should other groups have the right to defend themselves or insulate themselves from exposure to such groups, or any group? If not, why not?

  9. LOL!! It's funny yet sad, how the left is taught to believe that a logical fallacy is a legitimate approach to an argument...

    Nice stawman, but I never said anything about a "poll" about "gangrape". I said that most scientists believe that behavior and cognitive ability are both a product of genetic AND environmental factors.

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