$11 round turn

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  1. Can you imagine a broker just quoted me $11 round turn for futures trading PLUS monthly costs for the traidng platform. Even when I was trading one lots in a $2000 account, I never paid $11 rt, even for pit markets.

    These brokers sure do have some gall.

    They tell me because the rates are high becuase my volume is low and this is for their "instiutional-caliber" service. It's annoying and musing.

    Have you guys seen similar rates or have similar experiences to share?
  2. yea i hav seen somebroke quote me some rate like that
    tehy are fucked up
    other broker are offering like ( i pay $6.50 rt no software fees
    but if i do volume i can pay $5 rt and $50 month fesss
    which i thik is decent
  3. I've seen a few websites have prices around there, some even up around $15 round turn.

    Just tell them you want lower or NO DEAL!

    When i first started trading futures, I was scalping at $5 round turn, and every day, all my losses were 50% in commissions. Also, overall, when I blew my 2k account when i first started trading, about 45% of the money lost was due to commissions.

    I did around 20 - 40 contracts a day though.

    If I was going back, I'd want at most $3 round turn or lower, but that is me.

  4. Tradestations new rates........LOL!!!!! :D :D :D
  5. Exactly what I told them. I forgot they also tried to sell me on the fact that they could help me raise money for my Fund!

    I'm looking for a platform with broad connectivty to Asia, Europe & US exchanges (CME, CBOT, EUREX, LIFFE, MONTREAL, EURONEXT, PARIS, EURONEXT NETHERLANDS, MEFF, IDEM, SFE, SGX, TSE, KRX, HKFE) with decent rates. IB has this access but I don't like IB for reasons I won't go into here. Any ideas on platforms and FCMs!!!
  6. REGODAMNDICULOUS!!!! I get 3.80 rt
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    I agree with you. I think our rates are more in line with other posters, although one of the rates was extremely low.

    For example, take a look at these rates:


    You can contact me for other rates for some of our other platforms as well.

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