11 Countries At Risk of Becoming The Next Egypt

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  1. Egypt has been embroiled in political turmoil since protests, inspired by those that overthrew the regime in Tunisia, started last week.

    While Egypt, and its Suez Canal, have been worry one for investors world wide since last week, the next big question is whether this dissent could spread to other countries around the region, and world.


    Saudi Arabia










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    Thailand's got to be on that list for sure.

    Just a matter of time before they start going mental over there again. Same reasoning, corupt elite getting everything, man on the street getting nothing and it's been like that for decades.

    Talk about a global bombshell if it happens in China, probably just a matter of time as well, if only we could know the date........
  3. gkishot


    Take Iran off the list.
  4. and add USA.
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    In the past governments were able to better manipulate, but now with tweeter and the age of technology its just a matter of time.
  6. Take Saudi Arabia from the list

    70% of the population is not citizen of SA and the rest is paid handsomely by the government as welfare.

    If all those immigrants riot, they will be thrown out of SA.

  7. Pakistan is likely to implode at any time. Given that they have nukes and hate the USA and our Israeli and Indian allies, we need to prepare to take Pakistan out once and for all.
  8. No. Iran is a threat to Israel. Iran should be taken out if Iran doesn't take itself out.
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    who cares ?
  10. drcha


    Very unfortunately, Tianenmen-type treatment of some of these peoples is possible.

    I am fearful of another Poppy Bush/Iraq type situation in which US language is interpreted by repressed peoples to mean that we will defend them, which we won't. The only people over there we are going to defend are the Israelis. We may defend access to oil, but we aren't going to be helping any of these people. Their dictators may brutally repress them. The West will try to send some food and the military will eat all of it. Meanwhile with the other hand we will make a few bucks selling weapons.

    This is a Middle East problem. Their nations need to work together toward a solution. No solution imposed by or even suggested by the West is going to be considered.

    Here is a swing trading idea for you: buy up defense equities and oil when the world is quiet. Then when the Egyptians or North Koreans or whoever it is next start rattling their sabers, sell it. I don't trade the news, but hold this out for others to consider. Holding periods should end up around 2-6 weeks max.
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