11,722.98 to 10,000 in 27 trading days....

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  1. S2007S


    there isnt, hmmm!!

    Then why is it mentioned everytime the dow makes a new highs???
    Many say that the oil and energy being down has been the catalyst for higher stock prices.

    Oil and energy prices being down is good for the consumer. The more consumers spend the better the economy does. The better the economy = higher corporate profits, higher corporate profits = higher stock prices. Consumer makes up 2/3 of the GDP. Without the consumer spending you could forget about DOW 12,000....

    There is a correlation!!
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  2. bjg


    Cause journos need to make up shit to get paid a wage.
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  3. tradethetrade

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    Sorry, don't see it crashing without really bad news coming in. NYSE volume picked up nicely today just breaking 3bil shares so volume is very assuring. I think it has guns to touch 12k and when it does, I'd re-evaluate.
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  4. bsmeter


    Lets see if this "convenient accident" helps crude longs.


    Crude Oil Rises From 7-Month Low After U.S. Refinery Accident

    Notice how it's a refining issue, I predict somehow it'll be extrapolated into a "crude shortage" issue.
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    Historically, October is the worst month of the year. I am going to play things very tight, even though this is a bull market.
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  6. Qwerty


    11,722.98 to 10,000 in 27 trading days?

    I think not!!

    Bears, where is your STING?
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  7. No bad news back in early 2000 either.
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  8. tradethetrade

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    Yeah but this is not a bubble.

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  9. S2007S


    it may not be a bubble but there are other problems now that werent with us in 2000.

    One major one, housing collapse....

    no one understands it, everyone talks about a softlanding here and a softlanding there.

    Foreclosures are skyrocketing and $500 billion worth of ARMS are going to reset by the end of 2006, do you have any idea what this means for the economy. The reason why this economy has been running for the last 5 years is due to the housing industry. With no one able to borrow against their houses like they have been the last 5-7 years what else will fuel this economy.
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    This happened in 2000, i showed you historical closing prices on the DOW to see how quick the all time high came and went within 27 TRADING DAYS.
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