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    Whats up with the volume today??? ive seen higher volume at the MCD drive through... It looks like we're at a quarter of our normal daily average for this time period...
  2. The bear market rally is wearing off like a MD 20/20 buzz.
    Hangover will commence soon...

  3. Well it's elections today. Time for a pause. Maybe volumes are low because people are even out voting.
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    Yesterdays volume was huge, almost double.
  5. Market is waiting to see who controls the senate.
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    im going to have to agree with aphex... i think it has something to do with the political uncertainty at the moment... and the fact that its also some what of a holiday...
  7. "...Live Fast & Die Young, Its Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away..."

    LOL. I can very distinctly remember saying that I did not want to live past 35 when I was a teenager. I didnt really hit my stride till I was 40. At 50 I was starting to get the hang of things. At 60 I started trading and found a brand new life. Fading away is not as bad as its cut out to be.
  8. Youth is wasted on the young ...
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    different strokes for different folks...

    (however im sure, once i am married and have a kid or two, that look in my wifes eye, or that smile gleaming off my childs face would prolly make fading away a lot more tolerable... btw im 23)
  10. if you died tomorrow, is that fast enuf for you?

    longevity is the key, don't think for one minute that it isn't.

    die=game over
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