$11.4 million see through oceanfront home off Highway 1 will take your breath away

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  2. That view really is breath-taking. The house itself is beautiful, but it looks like it provides very little privacy.
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    From the sailors?
  4. True, the house is overlooking the sea and there are no other buildings there, as far as we can see.
  5. newwurldmn


    If you bought an 11mm dollar house with no curtains, it's probably because you want everyone to see the model you are banging.
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  6. Baron

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    That house is pretty to look at but in my opinion, it's probably a nightmare to live in. The first bit of sea spray that hits all that glass will turn it from clear to hazy instantly, so you'd likely need a full support staff just to keep all that glass clean daily. And you probably don't even want to know how loud that metal roof is when it rains. My bulldog would make those smooth off-white floors look like they were never cleaned from the construction phase. And as someone else said, you can forget about privacy since there's no window treatments whatsoever.
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  7. The only way to ensure privacy is for those glass windows to be made of smartglass, aka the kind of glass that turns opaque when electricity runs through it.
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  9. I do not understand people who wish to live like this, but to each their own. If they're happy, who am I to judge.
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