11:11AM, Who Is Shorting NDX?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riskfreetrading, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. 11:11AM, anyone shorting NDX? It is now at 1949.
  2. DonKee


    Yes, I can confirm that there are people shorting the NDX.
  3. Roger, I hear you.

    Some bulls are still buying. I gave them the merchandise, but I think it is worth-less. I will have to buy it at certain point as I am selling something which is not mine.
  4. DonKee


    Yes, you will, as the NDX is the strongest of all indexes which has some very bullish implications.
  5. Tempting, but I'll have to wait for a confirmed change in trend ... but it appears to be a blow-off top, and it's a very tempting trade.

    Let's see how it works out for you.
  6. You are right on the buying back, but your sentence is incomplete. How about the price?

    What if it is at the top? I take it that you are buying NDX with both hands at 1949. :D
  7. Immediately after my thread, my followers and I have turned NDX down. I have plenty of bull heads in front me. I do not know where their bodies are, but they landed in front of me with their wallets intact.
  8. to my followers, do not forget that you can alwasy do this:

    "Cut your pie in one piece or more.
    Cover half and put profits in a dror.
    Keep the rest for more.
    Your opponent now understands you know more.
    Be kind to him as you need him for more.
    As, without him your business will be no more".
  9. Since NDX cannot be traded directly , how are you shorting it?

    NQ, NDX puts, etc..?
  10. I trade it is via options on Qs or the higher vol ETF funds (QID, etc). For short side when using Qs, I short ITM calls (but sometimes I also buy puts (ITM)).
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