11/08/2007 - Gonna be Green !!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. As per the recent market logics.. I feel its gonna be green thursday and friday..
  2. you're gonna get creamed thursday.

    did you bother to check futures before making your prediction?
  3. 50/50 chance
  4. I am sure I am not a great analyst to predict which way markets gonna be.. its a general thought..

    Again, no one in the world can say it for sure its going to be this way today.. If somebody can tell that everyday.. He;s gonna make no losses
  5. i'm up $22700 this week, how about you?
  6. Me too .. up 20%.. I played neutral
  7. We we're pretty close to green

    but in the last 1/2 hour all fell apart
  8. bh_prop


    Yes, that was a very ugly "I will not be long this weekend" close.
  9. uh huh.
    you felt certain the market would be going up those two days but you decided to be neutral. suuuure.

    come on, how much did you lose, really?
  10. I've been picking up stocks on the dip. VMW, ERTS, MMM, CSCO, NKE, IBM. There should be a nice rebound next week.
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