$11,000.000 High End Trading Club Membership 4sale Half Price Plus 5K in Software!

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  1. I am a Nirvana club member - http://www.nirvanasystems.com/nirvana/NirvanaClubV2/index.asp

    New memberships are currently 11k for Top end membership that I have I also have

    Advanced Cycle Trader
    ARM3: Funds
    ARM3: Futures
    ARM3: Stocks
    ARM4: Stocks
    CPS 3.0
    NSP-41 OptionTrader 2.0
    OT 2012: Professional
    Pring KST System
    Seasonality 2
    VisualTrader 9.0 Pro
    VisualTrader 9.0 RT
    Volume Systems

    I have had a death in the family and need to raise some cash
    You can reach me at
  2. r-in


    Boy, does your rear end hurt? Let's face it, if it was worth anything, you'd be making money hand over fist and not posting anywhere, but you took one in the poop chute for a totally useless product. Please don't pass on your mistake to some other new guy.
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  4. nkhoi

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    Steve talk to Ed he might give you a discount back. If not only trade when you are stable emotionally.
  5. LOL

    You paid 11,000....11k....ELEVEN THOUSAND for what???!!!!!

    this is like buying a stick for 11k and trying to sell it for 5.5k

    or buying a rock for 11k and wondering why bids start at 0.01

    if i were you, repost and try to sell it at a PREMIUM....

    say 25k....then work your way down to 11k.

    "high end trading club membership".....sure it is.

    how about "lowest end crap doesn't work system"
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    write up of their software was good, the CityGroup trade example told you there is boatload of money to be made. But couldn't they find a more recent example instead of year 2003? almost 10 years ago?
  7. Whether this is good or not, you don't need to spend 11k to learn to trade!