11/0/2008 - Classic Wedge

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  1. Will it work? We will see
  2. :eek:
  3. obvioo\usly it weill work. Dow will surge another 300 points or so. I have been bullish since last June when the dow was at 13,500 and my sentiment hasn't changed. I know the recovery ewill be v shaped.
  4. Do you only crawl out of your parent's basement only when the market is doing well?
  5. I was here yesterday too.
  6. a shakeout ?
  7. Not a shake out, we never had a good close above the pennant formation. It's looking like a clipper top or a train track reversal on the 15 min chart. I'm not too concerned with the DJIA but I'm looking at the stock market darling AAPL and thats all I need to know that the market would not break out right now, not enough demand. It's gonna be an interesting close, it's way too quiet.

    And, when stock_trad3r came out of no where and started pumping the dow on this message board the DJIA went down 100 points.

    100 points right after he said it was going up. Belive it folks, he is the ultimate contrarian indicator.
  8. AAPL will lead any breakout higher. great stock to own.
  9. Looks like it was
  10. All I can say is the last 30 minutes were pure madness....pure, crystaline madness.
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