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  1. Good morning everyone,

    Please check out http://www.protradersmarket.com/blog.php for my blog on great trading set-ups. I want this to be the premier destination for traders looking for a professional arena in which to learn.

    I update this every day, and I hope it helps everyone trade profitably.


  2. before we would be interested we would need to know if you are any good. got any proof? we get people on this site every day claiming to be super traders. few are.

  3. Vhehn,

    A lot of the time I will post charts at the end of the day showing set-ups that worked. The more I look at EOD charts of the various timeframes I have on my workspace, the better I am able to trade the set-ups as they occur in real time. As far as proof, just check out the set-ups I post.

    Sometimes if I see a great set-up in the morning, I will post it. These set-ups that have not been fully realized yet are validated by the EOD charts that I post that DO have fully realized set-ups, because a lot, if not all of the time, they are all the same 3 or 4 set-ups, just on different timeframes and days.

    Thank you,

  4. I checked out your site. IT looks like you gave the general setup or idea but did not talk about entry price, exit price or risk/stop on the trade. I think you menioned price below 109.16 was a buy but it went all the way down to 109.04. That leaves a pretty wide area to enter the market without a defined entry price, stop level, or exit price. Is the entry price when price comes back up through the 9 period MA?
  5. 109 04?? We are talking about the ZNH6, the contract month trading the most volume BY FAR (of the 10yr months).

    ZNH6 low of the day is 109 15, and it rallied up through my other area I point out at the blog, 109 21, to 109 24.5. Thanks and good luck.
  6. Sorry I was looking at the time frames the wrong way. I should have taken a better look at the charts before I posted.
  7. Hello Elite Traders,

    Please notice my call at 6:41 am today of buying the 10yr below 109 16 up through 109 21. It is trading at around 109 25 now. Again, the MA setup w/ the slow stochs shows up all of the time, especially on shorter timeframes, and can be seen and traded on all stocks and futures. See you tomorrow!

  8. Calls are made today, check it out. 10yr is bullish below 109-23, especially below 109-18. Good luck.
  9. Good morning. The volume histogram has its high volume price at 109-08, it looks like sellers may show up again if price gets above there. 109-15/16 is good resistance, but this is a "data-dependant" period, so we will check out the #'s tomorrow, friday, and beyond, and be flexible. Check out the posts of chart images...